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These gourmet brown rice crisps are like a healthy version of Doritos. They taste fantastic and then you realize that they're low fat, whole grain, gluten-free, vegan and celiac-friendly, plus a source of fiber. It's almost too good to be true. Vancouver-based Snack Alliance, Inc. turned to us to help find new avenues for distribution. They already had a presence in Costco, but when you're up against the likes of PepsiCo, you need to be everywhere. We were doing a lot of retail promotions, package design and sales materials that helped them gain ground in Target. And then we hit the home run. Public relations was an integral part of our strategy given the seismic shift towards healthy eating. Tops on our list of media influences to gain some exposure with was Rachel Ray, who was becoming a huge star on the Food Network. Her wonderfully vibrant, earthy personality aligns perfectly with the brand and she truly loved the product. Our persistence paid off. Watch the clip below. We couldn't have scripted her any better ourselves. Which was a little unsettling for our writers. 

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