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Roosevelt University

Digital, Print, OOH

Colleges are fond of showing smiling students being groomed for “future success” in their advertising. Why not also show a bunch of well groomed, sweater-clad fraternity kids sitting around a soda pop dispenser on a Saturday night?  Pleeease. Roosevelt University was founded on the belief that any qualified student regardless of background should have access to a college education and become a force for social change. This tradition thrives today at Roosevelt, where a diverse student body is exposed to equally diverse opinions and ideas. Roosevelt encourages students to listen, learn and candidly express their views. Our new campaign is designed to be a window into this culture of open debate. A topical social issue inspires each ad, inviting prospective students to join in the discussion at a microsite, Students voice their opinion, read what others have to say and engage in some spirited volleys. Maybe even over fermented malt beverages. Just saying.

01 - Microsite

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Roosevelt web01
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02 | Print

Roosevelt print1

The cut line above the headline gives the reader a sense of the school's curriculum with the exact time and location of a class where they're likely to be discussing such topics. Bring your laptop and a good argument.

03 | Out of Home

Roosevelt outdoor1 Roosevelt outdoor2

04 | Guerilla

Roosevelt postit1

05 | Banner

You have to admit, the Roosevelt banner looks way more interesting than the DePaul University banner. Dead corpse and all.