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Rosemont Convention Center

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Trade shows are big business for this small village just a few miles from Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Research revealed that meeting planners loved dealing with the Rosemont staff, whose “can-do” attitude is refreshing in a world mired by red tape and slow moving trade unions. The list of shows that annually return to the Rosemont Convention Center revealed an unusual brand loyalty along with some interesting trade association names. That led us to a campaign idea: Is there any show they couldn’t pull off at Rosemont? So we pushed the envelope. The work captures the friendly spirit of the place and delivers a smile in an otherwise staid category.

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It's all about keeping your guests comfortable. Rosemont specializes in that.


Something tells us that Francis, the neurotic character from the movie "Stripes," was in attendance for this one.


"Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, I present our keynote speaker... Sybil." (Mixed applause.)

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