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This world leader in professional music recording and sound technology launched a new line of ear buds that delivered legendary Shure quality in a consumer product. They needed a breakthrough approach since this was one of their first forays into the earphone market. And they needed to attract the iPod generation. A potential strategic lever was Shure’s reputation with professional microphones, a point that young earbudders might not recognize, nor appreciate. So we decided upon a simple, clean graphic solution that appeals to this visually driven, reading-averse demographic. Our experience communicating with millennials has taught us that anytime you can make something look like art and not commerce, it has a 1000% better chance of connecting. The coveted cool factor. It’s our secret weapon.

01 | SE115 Print Campaign

Shure print1 Shure print2

02 | se115 digital

03 | SM58 Print Campaign

Shure printmics Shure printcountry

Rock and roll's got lots of legends, but no act has stood before more whacky smoke-filled audiences than the Shure SM58 microphone. Its iconic steel mesh grille has been kissed and spit upon by every major musician from Elvis to G. Love. Like many mature brands, the SM58 was in need of some love from a new generation of musicians and retailers. Our campaign dove headfirst into the emotions, insecurities and aspirations all musicians have regardless of age or status. We also created an inexpensive training video for music store sales associates that runs on iPads and smart phones and also works as a portable point-of-purchase tool to educate consumers.