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The world’s largest manufacturer of hand tools and diagnostics with 20,000 employees and independent dealers, Snap-on Tools had just acquired several new companies. Bottom line: There were 20,000+ interpretations of what the company stood for. We needed to rally the troops and make sure everyone was marching to the same drummer, or impact wrench, as it were. This inside-out brand campaign launched internally with portions later adapted to end-users. Now all Snap-on constituents answer to one demanding boss. His name is Pride. 

01 | Brand Film

We created this film for the CEO of Snap-on to play during a road show to unite employees. The presentation also included a hardcover brand book we developed along with a DVD of the film for every employee around the world. We heard later that Snap-on dealers started showing the film to mechanics in their trucks. Why not? A mechanic has to have a helluva lot of pride in his craft to plunk down $72 for a single wrench.

02 | Brand Posters

Snapon print1 Snapon print2

Snap-on placed these feel-proud-of-our-purpose posters all around corporate headquarters. It's a smart tactic. Brand ambassadorship begins at home. 

03 - Employee Brand Manual

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