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Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Sauce

Digital, Design, Print, Events

C.B. Stubblefield was one of the original west Texas BBQ masters. Born poor and hungry during the Depression, Stubb joined the Army as soon as he could enlist. He became a mess hall cook and honed his passion. After returning to the States from his tour during the Korean War, he scrounged together his meager savings and opened a ramshackle juke joint in Lubbock, Texas. Eventually, the smell of his smoker attracted millions of brisket-lovers, famous musicians and even Presidents. So Stubb, who often quipped that he was “born hungry,” started bottling his sauce. After many years of finger licking, it became the top super premium brand in the U.S. Tom, Dick & Harry felt this story was as irresistible as his rib tips and created a multi-media campaign that focused on the legendary man, leveraging the cook’s authenticity among celebrity chefs. Sometimes good advertising is nothing more than good reporting. 

01 | Print

Stubbs print1

These ads tell the rich story of a man who used to say things like, "When I smell barbecue I want to feel better than I already feel." Clearly, the man was a genius.

02 | Trailer Design

Stubbs print2

This traveling Stubb's museum makes the rounds to supermarkets and festivals and serves up a nice helping of brand building. We designed both inside and out to lure barbecue aficionados. When they fire up the smokers and start cooking rib tips everyone wants to kiss Stubb's photo on the side of the trailer. Look closely and you can see the saucy smooch marks.

03 - Sales Force Brochure

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Stubbs collateral2
Stubbs collateral3
Stubbs collateral1
Stubbs collateral4

04 | FSI

Stubbs print3

The campaign look and feel is pure authenticity, right down to the FSIs. 

05 | E-Blast

Stubbs print4

Fans of Stubb's can join the "I love Stubb's Club" where they get barbecuing tips and heartfelt messages like this one.