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The movie “Office Space” really cranked up awareness for this iconic brand with one of the coolest logos around. The goofy mumbling character “Milton” and his coveted red Swingline stapler are quite simply legendary. We were hired to come up with something just as memorable to launch their new shredder called the Stack-and-Shred. This innovative machine lets you shred a stack of 100 pages without feeding it sheet by sheet. We created a microsite that demonstrates the productivity advantages in a side-by-side comparison of two office workers. Mr. Efficient on the left makes his old-school counterpart look as useless as, well, Milton. Viewers get to control how to spend all the extra time the Stack-and-Shred provides, including fun pursuits like practicing their golf games or sending out emails or tweets. It's also designed to help Swingline with database capture of small office/home office addresses. Within six months, the site attracted more than 140,000 visitors with an average interaction time of 5 minutes each. And Time Magazine has named the Stack-and-Shred one of the top Father's Day gift ideas for 2011.

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