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University of Chicago

Branding, Design, Print

How’s this for a pressure-packed assignment? An anonymous alum donated $100 million to the school with the stipulation that it raise another $200 million for underprivileged students. So the university turned to the sharpest agency it could find with an anonymous name. Tom, Dick & Harry put on its scholar caps and dove deep into a world of intense intellectual rigor, creating a fund-raising campaign that celebrates how U of C students think. It’s a campaign that makes one feel proud to have gone to Chicago. And made the marketing folks happy they selected Tom, Dick & Harry for the assignment (even though nobody at TDH had the SAT scores to get into the University of Chicago). The good news: donations are on track to make the gift pledge a reality. We even learned a thing or two about Greek mythology.

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These ads ran in the University of Chicago alumni magazine. They were successful in generating donations to the scholarship fund. Even better, they made alums feel proud that they see the world differently than most, thanks to their Chicago training.

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