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Branding, Design, Broadcast, Print, OOH

When you think of retirement communities, your mind waddles over to sleepy shuffleboard games, faded floral wallpaper and the stench of formaldehyde permeating the hallways. Vi, which is Latin for life, is setting such perceptions out to pasture. This collection of luxury retirement communities in desirable locations around the country is redefining senior living with the emphasis on living. TDH supports each community with custom direct marketing campaigns designed to attract inspiring seniors. The strategy celebrates being active, social and well. As baby boomers, the largest population segment in history, approach retirement, Vi is well positioned to lead the charge for aging in style. Hopefully, we’re lucky enough to retire at Vi one day and cross off all sorts of new bucket lists, followed, of course, by daily happy hours. Yep, this is can’t-wait retirement.

Vi brand-2