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A&E Wahlburgers


It’s a fun day in advertising when camera crews arrive in your office to film an episode of A&E network’s Wahlburgers, the hit reality show that follows the exploits of the Wahlberg family and their popular hamburger chain. We’re glad they picked us among all the shops in America, especially when there isn’t a Wahlburgers restaurant in Chicago. Hell, they could have summoned the not so cudly teddy bear, Ted, and buddy Mark Wahlberg for comedy. Or better yet, Donnie's wife, Jenny McCarthy, for eye candy. But TDH's ugly mugs got the call. The premise: create some ideas for a print campaign to promote the restaurant. The show’s central character and provacateur, Donnie Wahlberg (a.k.a., Donnie Draper), puts on his creative director hat and offers strong opinions about the work. The ask: two campaigns, one that has some fun at head-chef Paul Wahlberg’s expense, and one serious recommendation for their business. Check out the good, bad and ugly of our pitch below and click here for the full episode.