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Whiskey Acres

Digital, Branding, Design, Print

If you want something done right, have a farmer do it. Especially if it’s making whiskey.  Welcome to Whiskey Acres on the Walker family farm, sixty miles west of Chicago, a.k.a., heaven on earth. These fifth generation farmers believe that great whiskey isn’t made it’s grown. It’s all about the grain and who better to hand select the best grain than folks who put it in the ground and nurture it to harvest? This seed-to-spirit method gives Whiskey Acres a distinct story in the fast-growing craft whiskey category. Tom, Dick & Harry was hired to help with packaging design, branding, retail support and social media.  There’s plenty of brand building to be done as the first batch of bourbon gracefully ages in barrels on the farm. At times we wish we could fast-forward the clock and sneak a taste. That’s when one of the farmers smacks us with a giant rotary tiller.