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Who Says an Art Director Can’t Be Colorblind?

By: Tom

Editor’s note: Nate Brown, an art director at Tom, Dick & Harry, is colorblind. This may seem like an insurmountable hurdle for someone whose livelihood depends on an astute sense of color. But Nate not only manages, he produces some of the...


Brainstorming Math

By: Harry

There were only three of us when we started Tom, Dick & Harry in 2002. We often defended our smallness to potential clients by citing the old “too many chefs” argument. Soon we found ourselves in a pitch against Ogilvy & Mather. ...


Look Mom, I’m a professional tweeter

By: Sabrina Medora, Manager, Social Media Marketing

Fun fact… Porn used to be the number one Internet activity in the world. What displaced it? Social media. When I tell people I’m the Social Media Marketing Manager at an ad agency, I get two standard reactions: 1) That’s so coo...


Techweek: Plenty of food for thought

By: Tom

Techweek Chicago came, saw, and conquered. It was, in a word, tremendous. From the Food Truck Wars (hello mac n’ cheese sandwich; thanks Cheesies to the immense crowds populating the panels, discussions, and pre...


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