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The Utility Player

By: Megan O.

It’s no secret: the competition for aspiring college graduates increases exponentially every year, forcing them to be innovative when looking for jobs. We’ve all heard of the prospective entry-level account-service intern who cleverly des...


TDH Fantasy Football

By: Mike Finke

“It starts with a whistle and ends with a gun.”  Ahh that line, delivered by “The Voice of God,” John Facenda, in “They Call it Pro Football,” a true masterpiece in sports film by the genius father-son combo ...


It’s Not Magic. It’s Design.

By: Tom

It happens all the time. I look down at a batch of headlines I’ve written and, in the starkness of a Word doc, they just sit there…kind of limp and lifeless. A big batch of ‘meh’. I sheepishly send a few of the slightly less ...

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From Politics to Poop Jokes: The Fine Line Between Shock and Awe.

By: Harry

Controversy definitely gets your attention in advertising. But that attention can expose you to a whole lot of hate. Like the stir this phallus-shaped food truck logo is creating in Britain. Occasionally, agencies create controversy because it&rsq...


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