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From Politics to Poop Jokes: The Fine Line Between Shock and Awe.

By: Harry

Controversy definitely gets your attention in advertising. But that attention can expose you to a whole lot of hate. Like the stir this phallus-shaped food truck logo is creating in Britain. Occasionally, agencies create controversy because it&rsq...


It Takes a Plumber to Know a Plumber

By: Tom

If you’re in search of a cool new restaurant and have a friend who’s a chef, wouldn’t you ask her opinion? Or let’s say you take your imported car in for service but the mechanic says he doesn’t have the metric wrenches...


Our Top Ten Interview Questions: Would You Pass the Dick Head Test?

By: Dick

One of the great things about our business is potential hires walk through our doors with their skillset on their sleeves. We’re talking about portfolios. It’s not unlike a football coach being able to look at film of a recruit. That boy ...


Who Says an Art Director Can’t Be Colorblind?

By: Tom

Editor’s note: Nate Brown, an art director at Tom, Dick & Harry, is colorblind. This may seem like an insurmountable hurdle for someone whose livelihood depends on an astute sense of color. But Nate not only manages, he produces some of the...


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