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When rebranding makes you feel all warm inside

By: Dick

People often ask how creativity happens. So we brought along our paparazzi crew to capture behind-the-scenes images of a design project in action for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It’s the first in a series we’re calling Chronology of Craft. read more

What agencies and marketers should learn from Breitbart

By: Kevin R.

A non-partisan investigation into how the world works right now and a simple logic to further your social content objectives, regardless of what they may be. Let me begin by saying that I am not personally a fan of Breitbart. But I am fascinated by it.... read more.

The Michael Herlehy Laugh-out-Loud Gallery

By: Tom, Dick & Harry

Not one of those stuffy River North museums. This is a collection of our top ten favorite ads written by our late co-founder and friend that’ll make you giggle. Plus, his poignant tribute to Vietnam vets. Michael’s versatility of voice was... read more.

Social Media – Where Content Dies And Craft Endures

By: Tom

As Chicago’s Craft agency, we’ve proved that there’s no one way to think about Craft. From strategy to production to creative, the concept of Craft means a number of things that all culminate into why we come in to work every day. But... read more.

Four-Factor Filter for Creating Social Content

By: Sabrina M.

Clients often ask us about the “secret sauce” behind creating successful social content. What’s the magic trick? What makes content work? How do we get our content seen? You might be surprised to learn that the answer is not always... read more.

Virtual Reality: Danger Will Robinson?

By: Sabrina M.

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend Social Media Week Chicago for a weeklong discussion on Reimagining Human Connectivity. Among the dozens of highly informative and engaging sessions, there was one called Virtual Reality Newbies. Hosted by... read more.

Empathy And New Realities

By: Tom

Empathy is a powerful emotion that advertising often taps into. With the rise of reality experiences – virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360-immersive videos – brands are now finding new ways to create consumer empathy to make their... read more.

Three Not-So-Sucky Political Ads

By: Harry

Thank god the election is ending. Now we won’t be assaulted by all the horrible political advertising. Why does it have to suck so bad? Hard to fathom that attack ads – tainted with agendas, spin, and vitriol – convince... read more.