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Crafting for Cresco

By: Leon C.

Last summer, Cresco Labs came to Tom, Dick & Harry with the unique opportunity to create a brand from scratch. It wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. This was uncharted territory for advertising; without precedence or context, the agency had... read more.

Forget Likes. Facebook is About Love.

By: Bridget L.

Forget Likes. Facebook is About Love.

Part I: Baader-Meinhof and Me You know that thing that happens when you notice something once then suddenly it’s everywhere? Well, like most things everyone knows but can’t put a name to it, that thing has a name: The Baader-Meinhof... read more.

If TDH were a musician, it would be Bill Frisell

By: Kevin R.

If TDH were a musician, it would be Bill Frisell

If you know me a little – say, as a Facebook friend – you know that I play jazz trumpet. If you know me well – you know that I love Bill Frisell’s music. So much. And as “a jazzman in the world of ideas”, to borrow a... read more.

Youth, Redefined

By: Tom, Dick & Harry

American culture has traditionally viewed aging as the enemy of Youth. Because of this, we cover up and we prod. We lift, nip, and tuck. We lie and hide our age—anything to avoid Old. Yet as our culture shifts towards a population comprised largely... read more.

Best Practices for Email Marketing in 2016

By: Sabrina M.

While marketers are hot on the heels of Instagram, Snapchat and virtual reality efforts, there’s one tried and true method of digital marketing that still remains the most effective of them all—email. Skeptical? The numbers don’t... read more.

Beyond Good and Bad: Rethinking Our Work As Artists

By: Amina T.

Art enthusiast at heart, wintry homebody in practice, I was overjoyed to hear that The Art Institute would be offering free admission to Illinois residents on weekdays for the month of January (true story). Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better... read more.

Second Stories

By: Alissa U.

Everyone has a second story. You know, the thing(s) you do when you’re not doing the thing you do. This story, at its best, makes what you do worth doing, influences your success in what you do, or helps you get through what you do. My second story... read more.

Everything You Need To Know About HTML5

By: Sabrina M.

Hello 2016, goodbye Flash content! Browsers are rejoicing as brands adapt to the bans on Flash content and embrace HTML5. This shift has created a new digital playing field for most marketers. We huddled with our HTML5 developers to... read more.

Advertising: A Simple Recipe

By: Kevin R.

(Note: “simple” does not equal “easy”) Holidays are essentially a never-ending sequence of relentlessly rich meals where talking is required. During meals you inevitably end up explaining to family and friends what you’ve... read more.