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The Michael Herlehy Laugh-out-Loud Gallery

By: Tom, Dick & Harry

Not one of those stuffy River North museums. This is a collection of our top ten favorite ads written by our late co-founder and friend that’ll make you giggle. Plus, his poignant tribute to Vietnam vets. Michael’s versatility of voice was... read more.

TDH Alumni

By: Harry

It’s graduation season. Time for the mortarboards or, in our case, storyboards. We at TDH would like to think our Alumni Association rivals that of any advertising institution in the city.  We take pride in our eye for talent.  It’s... read more.

Who Says an Art Director Can’t Be Colorblind?

By: Tom

Editor’s note: Nate Brown, an art director at Tom, Dick & Harry, is colorblind. This may seem like an insurmountable hurdle for someone whose livelihood depends on an astute sense of color. But Nate not only manages, he produces some of the... read more.

Welcome to TDH, Warsaw branch

By: Tomasz

There have definitely been times when a client’s reaction to the work we’re presenting has made us wonder if we’re speaking Polish. For once, we actually are. Sort of. See, one of our clients, Peoples Gas, asked us to have a radio spot... read more.

Tom, Dick & Harry to handle Selective Search ad campaign

By: Lewis Lazare, Chicago Business Journal

Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Co. is getting into the matchmaking business. Well, sort of. The Chicago-based ad agency has been tapped to create a new brand and marketing campaign for Selective Search, a boutique personal matchmaking firm headquartered... read more.

Roosevelt University unveils ads with contempo twist

By: Lewis Lazare, Chicago Business Journal

College is ultimately what students make of it. It has always been thus. And no doubt always will be. That is the theme — projected with a rather contemporary touch — that Chicago's Roosevelt University aims to emphasize in a new... read more.